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How to Renounce/Denounce
(as well as prayers, websites, videos, etc.)

How to Renounce/Denounce:

Separating from a secret society/fraternal order/greek-lettered organization is a multi-step process that includes:

1) Sincere and humble repentance before Jesus Christ, renouncing all ties to the organization such as the false gods, vows, oaths, hymns, chants, hazing (mental and physical), etc.

2) Remove and discard ALL paraphernalia, videos, and pictures from your home, car, social media, etc. We strongly recommend cutting up or burning items. Please do not give items to anyone as that would be perpetuating involvement.

3) Send a withdrawal/renunciation letter to the headquarters of the organization to be officially removed as a member. This is important to do in full obedience to The Most High God. When joining these organizations it was willingly done in both a spiritual and natural manner; therefore, ensure to severe ties with the organization in the same manner.

4) Share your testimony and God's truth with others. Our testimonies glorify The Most High God first and foremost. It also aids in leading others to the truth about these organizations, and prayerfully confirms for someone to come out of the organization they're in.



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Secret Societies/Freemasonry Deliverance Prayers

(if you have desired, attempted to join OR been in a secret society/fraternity or sorority, OR have any family member who was or is, please utilize these prayers)

Teachings and useful websites, articles, etc:

Videos and additional testimonies of denouncing:




This website is made available for ministry purposes only; therefore, content is not to be redistributed/reprinted for profit/personal gain (this includes selling personal books).


We share various links to other sites and videos we believe may be helpful in exposing deception about secret societies; this does not however imply an overarching endorsement of other content and/or statements. Always seek The True and Living God for guidance, direction, and discernment on any and all matters.

Contact Us

If you have a testimonial of The Lord delivering you from one of these organizations, contact us. Lastly, if Holy Spirit is leading you to denounce

a greek-lettered organization/secret society and you need support, reach out to us. We are here to help!

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