How to Renounce/Denounce

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How to Renounce/Denounce:

Removing yourself from a secret society/fraternal order/greek-lettered organization can be at least a three-part process:

1) Sincere and humble repentance before Jesus Christ is very important, then renounce all ties in prayer.

  • This includes repentance and deliverance from all associated ​ties to the organization such the false gods, vows, oaths, hymns, chants, hazing (mental and physical), etc. *See below for renouncement prayers*

2)  Formally write a notarized letter of withdrawal/denunciation, and send to the headquarter offices of the organization you are/were in.

3)  Remove and discard ALL paraphernalia, videos, and pictures from your home, car, social media, etc. We recommend discarding these by cutting up or burning before throwing them away. Please do not give them to anyone, as that would be perpetuating involvement.


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Secret Societies/Freemasonry Deliverance Prayers

(if you have desired, attempted to join OR been in a secret society/fraternity or sorority, OR have any family member who was or is, please utilize these prayers)

Teachings and useful websites, articles, etc:

Videos and additional testimonies of denouncing:


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