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Man thinking at window - Leaving Alph Phi Alpha Fraternity

Why we Denounced Alpha Phi Alpha

  Testimony by R. K. 

I have been out of Greek life for over 5 years and going strong. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made, even still, it was one of the most difficult at the time. Prior to denouncing, God had been showing me small signs here and there of inconsistencies between what I was professing as a believer in Christ and my membership in Greek organizations. I would frequently blow off scriptures like 2 Corinthians 6:14, that says how we should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers (which is not simply for marriage, by the way. lol) or 2 Corinthians 6:17, “ Come from among them and be ye separated”. In case anyone reading this is at the point where they feel as though the Lord is also calling them to leave their organization, I would like to share with you my moment of awakening below. Though denouncing was not at all easy, it was and continues to be worth it! Be blessed.

It was a bright Sunday morning. I had just finished a weekend long initiation process for the new members of chapter. As the last few members of the chapter packed up their belonging to leave, I began to get ready for church.  While reflecting on some of the events of that past weekend, an uneasiness began to rise up in me. I quickly dismissed this feeling as nothing and made my way to church. As I walked through the parking lot, events from the past weekend began flooding my mind once again, and the uneasiness returned. I began to question God as to why I felt so bothered by the events of the weekend.  Similar to how I sometimes do after I ask God an open-ended question, I began listing out options. “Lord, is there a particular reason why this is bothering me so much? Is it just because no one came to church with me or is there something deeper…” As I went on rattling of my questions off to God ( by this time I was walking through the sanctuary to find a seat), I got my answer in a manner that I would have never imagined….God responded with two simple words, “GET OUT!!!”  

The message was clear as day. I had never heard God speak so clearly and so directly in my life. The words hit my head and my heart at the same exact time. Before I could even take my seat the tears began to flow uncontrollably. All at once, I felt as if I were four years old again and I had just been reprimanded by my Father. The feeling cut deep to my inner most parts. This feeling wasn’t necessarily a fear of God’s wrath or judgment, rather, it was a feeling of deep disappointment, as if God Himself had said, “I am so disappointed in you my son”.  As each moment passed, the tears became a solid, uncontrollable stream that poured out from the depths of my soul. I thought about getting up and going to the bathroom but there was no way that I could hide the damage the monsoon of tears had done to my face. As a man who almost never cries, the sheer embarrassment of weeping like a baby in public only made the situation more difficult. I couldn’t even pretend like my tears resulted from the preacher, because he had just gotten up to speak. All the while, the voice of God kept resonating in my head, I could not escape it! I knew what I had to do, no matter how painful it would be. I reached down, grabbed a pen, and began writing my letter of denouncement right there.

In the days that followed my head on encounter with God, I began to go back and forth in my head about what God really meant by “Get Out”.  Though deep inside, I knew exactly what God meant, I tried to convince myself that there was actually a lesser charge on the table. I remember speaking with one of my close friends about it at the time; I told her my experience along with my new “interpretation” of God’s message which went something like, “I think God just wanted me to back away from my chapter. I think I was getting too involved and just spending more time doing stuff for them as oppose to focusing on schoolwork and church…” There was a brief silence for a moment as if she were sifting through the nonsense. She then replied, “Soooo, you think God is just telling you to back away from your chapter?” I must say that she had a way with words. Something about the way she repeated my own statement back to me allowed me to realize just how unreasonable it was. After a few seconds of me stumbling over a response, she interrupted warmly by saying, “Well, just pray about it, I know you have a heart for God and I know He’ll lead you to whatever He wants you to do. I agreed and the conversation ended not too long after that. That night I prayed and asked God to give me the strength to do everything that He was calling me to do. I also prayed that He would give me understanding of exactly what these organizations were and why they were so wrong. In faith, I began slowly removing all paraphernalia associated with the fraternity. Finally, on Thursday, August 30, 2012, I denounced.  

  Testimony by J. S.  

In April of 2011 I finished up the process of becoming a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. My mother is a member of the sister sorority of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and my father is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Growing up my parents didn’t talk much about their allegiance to their fraternity or sorority, so it wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I was fully exposed to a life that included the Divine 9. Growing up with only a little sister, I was attracted to the brotherhood that Alpha could offer me and also the prestige of some of the former members such as Martin Luther King Jr. My process was very unique though because my dean of process was a professing Christian and often would change parts of the process to fit into a more Christian viewpoint. Thinking back, I didn’t think it weird at all that he would have to change a ritual or a poem’s meaning so that we wouldn’t lose sight of Christ being our true Lord and Savior.  

Over the last two years I have grown leaps and bounds spiritually as God as done so many amazing things in my life! This last year God has been moving me into becoming a leader in the community of Christ and during one of my nights of prayer God showed me that my membership in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. was holding me back from me fulfilling my purpose in Him. I honestly didn’t understand, but I instantly began to dive into the Word to see what the Bible had to say about Alpha and other Divine 9 fraternities and sororities. In my study of scripture, I have begun to understand that there are two kingdoms that run the world and everything that the Kingdom of darkness does is a mimic of what God has established in the Kingdom of Light. One of the first scriptures that I ran across was Exodus 20:3 “You shall have no other gods before me.” This scripture changed everything when I understood the Hebrew meaning isn’t that we should put God first, but rather that we shouldn’t have any other gods in the midst of the one true God. After reading this I compared that scripture to the fact that all of the Divine 9 have a hymn. The definition of a hymn is a religious song or poem that is sung to God or a god. The first words of the Alpha hymn are, “In our dear A Phi A…” it is clear that the hymnal is being sung to the spirit of Alpha even though references of god are made throughout those references are not to the one true God. ALL of the Divine 9 have hymnals like this that are sung to the spirits that are over them instead of being sung to God. One thing that satan does is he distorts the intentions of followers of the Lord in attempt to steal worship intended for God. In this process of me walking away from my membership of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. I have constantly been drawn to the notion that only when we give up everything, do we actually step into everything that God has for us. As I walk away from Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. I walk away from Egypt as well, I walk away from the spirits of Egypt and I will no longer put other gods into the midst of the One True God. 

  Testimony by J.S.R.  

Nobody in my immediate family was in a BGLO and I didn’t have an immediate interest of crossing while attending Hampton University for most of my undergrad. Not until I transferred to Kennesaw State University to finish off my degree, was I intrigued in joining the organization of Alpha Phi Alpha. There had never been a line of Alphas at KSU, and I wanted to be apart of the first foundation of Kennesaw’s history of Alpha. Little did I know that I was going against God’s will for my life because of my own selfish interest in wanting to have my ego and pride enhanced by being apart of history. I was blinded by the fact many Christian and educated men were apart of this organization, such as Cornel West, Judge Mathis, Hill Harper, Jesse Owens, Dick Gregory, W.E.B. DuBois, Duke Ellington and MLK Jr., to name a few. Before crossing, about five of my ex-line brothers all had a "come to Jesus" meeting in one of the cars we rode in after set one night. We all questioned Alpha and discussed personal convictions that we may have had related to crossing into Alphaland. I received a number of tugs at my heart by the Holy Spirit within me, but had chose to ignore the signs in order to fulfill my personal desires. Nevertheless, after crossing our Charter line at Kennesaw State University in the Spring of 2009, I was optimistic about our future.


I have ALWAYS been an advocate for black empowerment, unity and black entrepreneurship, which originally propelled me into being an Alpha. But I quickly discovered that this false version of unity and brotherhood was a disguising cloak to block out the truth of this organization (1 Cor. 15:33). The facts were that half of our line chose secretly to go through an underground pledge process, and neglected to formally ask the entire line. Therefore a division was caused from the origin of our charter line. Seeing the pride, stubbornness and egotistical behavior (James 4:6) exhibited from certain members of our line and other BGLO chapters at KSU that had similar stories, it made me sick to my stomach! But again, I gave them a pass because I thought that some of these individuals weren't Christian, and God is still working on their attitudes and character. I continued to stay engaged and did my part as the acting Historian for our chapter while capturing info and photos of our progress throughout the 2009 and 2010 school year. I was able to see through the lens of my camera and personal observations and writings that this false idolism and arrogance of worshipping people, colors, and letters was a futile path to destruction as people of color (Rom 1:25, Psa 97:7). 

The summer of 2010, I was able to unplug and take a trip to Seoul South Korea teaching English overseas. God had to fully separate me from my normal lifestyle in order to reveal the connections of the story of Moses Exodus from Egypt and my upcoming Exodus from Alphaland. After studying the story of Exodus, I saw three key similarities to my personal revelations. #1) Moses was raised as an Egyptian but was really an Israelite by birth (i.e. you can be raised around unbelievers and still be a Child of God by birth 1:Cor. 7:31).  #2)  Moses had to separate himself and run from Egypt in order to build himself up with enough courage and power to go back and set his people free (i.e. God will pull you out from among the unbelievers in order to build you up to be a powerful fisher of men).  #3) The last key revelation was that Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses by using their dark arts and sorcery to compete with Moses staff and the miraculous powers of God (i.e., it showed me that the enemy of God will go to whatever lengths to entertain, distract and compete for God’s people’s attention and favor 2 Tim. 3:8).

Upon returning to the USA that same summer, I knew God was calling me to have my own Exodus from Alphaland. I disconnected from being an active member even until graduating in December of 2010, and then decided it was time to turn in my denouncement letter to nationals in February 2011.


If you are reading this testimony, then just like Moses, myself, and many others in this group…it is time for you to COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM!! – Julian Smart-Rimple (Ex-Alpha)

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