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fromdarknessto light open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in Me.’

Acts 26:18

Why we Denounced Alpha Kappa Alpha

  Testimony by E. H.  

I was a member of AKA for 22 years, in 2014 I had thoughts of just becoming inactive because there was so much drama but the chapter president of the chapter I was a member of outreached me to take over one the leadership positions because the person who had been elected for it ended up not staying in the position. It was the position of public relations officer. I went whole hearted into the position, spent countless hours/money in fulfilling the position. I thought it would lead me to 'finally' be accepted fully by my 'sorors', because up till then, although I was financial, participated in activities, I had always felt like an outsider because my attitude has never been one of pride or conceitedness, or desires to think of myself as 'better' than others. I did not have a desire to get rich or see having a lucrative career as a goal for having a fulfilled life. I am simple, don't like to wear makeup, or get caught up in fashion, and I don't like drama, at all.  As I started to get closer to God, reading and studying God's word, I had started to wake up the fact that there was a lot of negativity, backbiting, slander, meanness and hatefulness in this sorority that on the surface claim they are about sisterliness and care for one another, but what I witnessed on a regular basis was nothing sisterly or godly. The position I have voluntarily brought from non-existence, came up for elections the following year. I was sure the chapter would vote for me as I had did all this sacrificial work in the position.  During elections, the candidates get to give a short speech on why they should be elected. I presented a 'five-point' plan on how I would continue the work I had already done as a volunteer and had a specific plan to do even more. The only thing my opponent said was "Vote for me"; and that is what they did. At the same time, the newly elected president appointed me to be the chapter Chaplain. I thought this was God ordained, I thought I could bring some light into this dark chapter. Part of my responsibilities was to give a 'message' before each chapter meeting, EVERY one of my messages was about 'love' 'sisterliness'. I was labeled as being 'mean'. My attempts to be accepted were met with failure, no matter how much I tried to be active. I yearned for the deep relationships I thought I could get by being a member of a sorority, but I could not get in. My relationships stayed on a superficial level. 


My 'rebirth' into Christ was started in 2015 when I came across some YouTube Videos of a lady who had been an AKA but she had expelled; she did a series of videos on why the sorority was not of God. This was the seed planted in my heart.  I started to back away from sorority activities, but it was not until early 2017 the seed that had been planted in 2015 was finally coming to fruition. I asked God to tell me if I should leave the sorority.  He showed me more truths about the organization, and I had to make a choice between God and the sorority. It was not a hard choice to make. Initially I was just going to 'go inactive' not pay the dues, but the Holy Spirit confronted me about 'sneaking out'. I did not sneak in, no, I had proudly stepped out before the world to show I had become an AKA, so I would not step out before the world to show that I had chosen God? It was then I mailed in a notarized letter denouncing my membership, along with the initiation pin and certificate, got rid of all materials related to my membership in the sorority, and my final step was to announce it the world, I did a blog post about my decision. The moment I made that decision, God opened up new doors that I had never thought possible.  I know now the full truth, and cannot turn back to the darkness. God revealed to me why I could not not be fully accepted in the sorority all those years, He was preserving me, keeping me giving my life over to Satan, and I am eternally grateful. ​

Click each thumbnail to watch personal denouncement testimonies, and visit our Sermons & Videos page to access additional videos. 
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