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Why we Denounced Prince Hall Freemasonry and Omega Psi Phi

 Testimony by Minister F. H. 

I am usually blunt in my evaluation of things, but this needs to be carefully written. It all started in the fall semester of 1986; my friend had just come from the summer hanging out with Kappas. He begged me to make the journey with him. Because he was my friend, NOT because Kappa Alpha Psi was, “in my heart”, as you will hear Greeks say, did I embark on this path of pledging. The Kappas had their little interest meeting, and I was not impressed by their immature behavior, to say the least. Well, they had found their boys and decided to invite us to a house party. When we got there, and were called into a room individually. We were hazed verbally and took a little wood, which was no problem for me at the time. One day my friend, myself, and another interest were riding in the car. To my friend’s non-verbal objections, I asked the other guy, “What if they break your arm?” He responded, “Man, you can’t tell anything!” Three weeks later, when everyone got their letters, two people were rejected, one for grades and myself for reasons that were completely bogus. To make this story short, the one they worried about, me, ended up being the least of their worries. The line was cut short because someone dropped the dime (they called and told they were being hazed). It was the very one that told on me. Their whole line was punished and disrespected. It left a sour taste in my friend’s mouth as well. He realized that friends were better than frat brothers in the end.


1986-1989 -  I went about my life for the next three years. I graduated and got a job. While working, I met a Delta who asked me if I was Greek. I told her about the Kappa issue, and her being a Delta, you know who she suggested I join...Omega Psi Phi.  Fast forward to May 1990, three days after my 24th birthday, I am inducted into the Lampados Pledge Club of Omega Psi Phi. Everyone who has pledged knows the drill. “Iiii got a feeeeeeelin’, I got a feeeeeeelin’ broooooothers, Iiiii got a feeeeeeelin’, somebody’s tryin’ to sneak in my frat, there ain’t gonna be no sh!!!!! like that." Next thing you know, we're learning the poem Invictus and some history. Well, my process, or may I say my approach, to it was quite unusual. You see, I wasn’t the typical pledge. I was not self-subjected to fear of pledging, or the members. Dean of Pledges (DP), thought it was fit to let the line know that there was a Kappa and Sigma among them. When I was confronted with the Kappa issue, I had the, "I don’t care how you feel about it" attitude. And I was not going to be pulled into the...“its got to be in your heart from the day you were born" foolishness. Needless to say, I made it through the process and became a member of Omega Psi Phi. On June 4, 1990 I am at a hotel celebrating my crossing, and put a piece of paraphernalia on. Now you would think that congratulations were in order, but instead, I received a warning about not knowing about what I was wearing. Well, you find out quickly in Omega that the real hazing has just begun.


In Late 1991-1993/1994, I decided to join the Masonic Lodge. This was the beginning of the end for me, and this is where was born. I saw much hypocrisy there. In the beginning, they asked about all the so-called rumors about Masonry and what we knew. From what I remember, I hadn't heard the rumors they had mentioned. Next thing you know, I became a 3rd degree Mason. I’m rockin’ my ring, a shirt, etc. Next thing that happens is where it all happened...a Mason/Shriner is talking to the new class, and he goes on about how his wife is giving him flack about the organization being ungodly and how he would choose the organization over his wife. He went on bragging how he had read the Bible two or three times, how when he sits in church, and he hears the preacher quoting scriptures that are in the ritual. You should have seen the pride as he was talking! That pride is what led me straight to the Bible. I said if he can do it, so can I. Before you know it, though, I became a 32nd degree mason, but I had been through a significant portion of the Bible. I then started becoming convicted about things concerning me and sin. What was this thing they called the Word of God? How could it tell me so much about me? What was bringing on this conviction? Now I was doing all the things I pledged for in the way of community service. And I was being OWT as well. I swung much wood, and I was DP of my first line in 1992.


Then in late 1993, we had another one of those conversations about Masonry, rumors, and God...with the same PRIDEFUL man. This time I spoke and said, “Brother Smith (who eventually became the Worshipful Master of Widow’s Son Lodge #3), I am going to tell you and everyone here (the same guys I came in with) that If I find anything in this organization that goes against God’s Word, you will never see my face in this lodge again.”  That was on a Sunday. Less than a week later, I was reading the Word of God one night, but before I started, I asked God to show me something good. I closed my eyes and opened the Bible, and it opened to Ezekiel 26. I started reading and noticed a similarity with the Masonic Ritual. Although my ignorance of the Hiram, King of Tyre, in the Bible and Hiram Abiff in the Masonic Ritual may not have been the same from a historic standpoint, there was definitely a similarity on spiritual grounds. Hiram Abiff is none other than a FALSE christ, supposedly resurrected from the dead. If you want to know all the information about this, visit Well, after eventually going through Ezekiel 28, I packed up everything and denounced Freemasonry, and I never saw their faces at the lodge again; this was part one of the beginning of


From there, I am DP of the next Omega line, and these guys were a trip. All three deserved to go over, but the Membership Intake Committee shafted one of them. When it finally came to the guys coming to do the interview portion of Membership Intake, I was told a Muslim was trying to join. On his way in, I stepped to him and told him he was not going in or getting in the fraternity. I caused such a fuss that it brought out the Intake Chairman and other leaders of the chapter, the Basileus (president) included. I told them that a Muslim should not be able to join based on the CLAIM of Omega being founded upon Christian Principles. After about a five-minute private discussion, these leaders came to me with their heads in the “sucker” position. They told me that the guy had no problem taking the oath. Another serious flaw I saw, came when a Christian Omega refused to allow a prayer to be done in Jesus’ Name. The Talent Hunt Program Chairman even asked me how the program looked, and I said it looked great; just make sure the prayer is done in the Name of Jesus. Well, his reason for not doing so was, “We don’t want anyone to be offended.” I asked, what about me being offended?  


After that incident, I was reading my Word on the night of December 24, 1993 at 11:50 p.m, and I got saved at the home I grew up in. That’s right...I was not even saved when I left the Masonic Lodge. So here I am, saved now, but no idea what to do. I just keep reading my Word, and then it happened after reading the whole Bible and attending church for about a month, I got fed up with sin! I repented before God of the sinful practices I'd continued in. That was late April 1994, and a few days following, I denounced Omega Psi Phi Fraternity with the mandate to expose Greek Organizations. Now I still I had a stumbling block, my struggle with idolatry. I threw away all my paraphernalia except one thing; a paddle that had become a stronghold for me. After a bad dream, with a victorious ending, the paddle ended up in splinters and I was COMPLETELY FREE!  So from that time in April 1994 to present day I have done the following:  (1) Began compiling information about secret societies,  (2) Created and launched a website, "Exposing GLO’s," which later becomes , (3) In 1999, I wrote Coming Apart at The Seams: Biblically Unravelling The Evils of Greek Fraternities and Sororities,  (4) Hundreds of Greeks have denounced, or decided not to pledge, many of which I know personally. These brothers and sisters were already professing Christ, now they are doing it without the stronghold of a Greek or Masonic Organization. One would be surprised at how much extra unnecessary baggage one carries while in a Greek-lettered organization (GLO) or Masonic Order. (5) Many Christians make non-biblical defenses for staying in these organizations, but no one who've made rebuttals has answered the challenge to debate me on their accusations.


The first scriptures that lead me out of these organizations are:

II Corinthians 6:14-18 / Acts 4:10-12 / John 14:6 / Isaiah 42:8 / Luke 10:27  

  Words by Pastor X. B. 

Being an EX-Freemason delivered from such idolatry by the Lord Jesus Christ; there are two routes or rites one can take to obtain the 33rd degree; one can go Scottish Rite or York Rite. I personally took the Scottish Rite and obtained the 32nd degree (which is Sublime Prince of The Royal Secret); I was initiated into the Shrine Temple (an extension of the Masonic order). The whole organization prides itself on seeking light or knowledge that is supposed to be superior among men, reaching the highest moral way of living. All of this is a complete lie, darkness, deception, and antichrist thoughts that deceives men and leads them away from the true God in whom is light and no darkness at all (1 John 1:5).


The devil operates through three things: (1) The lust of the eyes, (2) The lust of the flesh, and (3) The pride of life (1 John 2:16), which are deeply rooted in this organization and NOT of The Father! These organizations, as well as ALL other secret organizations, are deeply demonic, ANTI-Christ, and wicked.

If ANY of God's people are in these groups: College fraternities and sororities, Skull and Bones, Elks, Daughter of Isis, Eastern Star, Blood Oath Covenants, etc., Repent and denounce...NOW and serve GOD only!! All these groups are idolatrous and will cause you to lose your soul!

Click the thumbnail to watch a personal denouncement testimony, and visit our Sermons & Videos page to access additional videos. 
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