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The Truth Tour Miami in November!

We're SUPER excited to bring you the next city of The Truth Tour... Miami, FL!! It will be taking place Saturday, November 10th from 10am - 3pm at Jerusalem Community Church.

Come join us at this powerful FREE workshop as we delve into God's truth. We will discuss several topics dealing with our walk with Christ, such as... - Can you be a TRUE follower of Christ and be in a fraternity/sorority? - What does The Lord have to say regarding being in a greek-lettered organization or other secret society? - Is Jesus glorified through a secret society? - Do rituals align with The Word of God?

We will answer these questions, and MORE! Let's have some real face-to-face dialogue about being submitted to The Living God and trying to be in these organizations. This is about being a DISCIPLE of Jesus Christ 100%!

There will also be prayer, worship, and a purity workshop!

Register for FREE today at the Eventbrite link: The Truth Tour Miami

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