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God Knows My Heart

We’ve probably all said it before after doing something with good intentions, accidentally resulting in an undesired outcome…“God knows my heart.” We serve an omniscient God who literally knows everything, including the intentions of our hearts. However, while God is very forgiving, He also has very high expectations for us to strictly follow His commands without error.

Let’s take a look at 2 Samuel 6:1-7. Here, David and the men of Israel set out to move the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. God’s command was that the Ark was to only be moved by the Levites, and that they had to do so using the carrying poles so that they never actually touch the Ark itself. During the transport of the Ark, one of the oxen stumbled and the Ark began to tumble

over. Uzzah, one of the men helping, reached out and grabbed the Ark to stop it from falling to the ground. In that moment, God struck Uzzah dead for his irreverence in touching the Ark of

the Covenant. Now, some may say this was unfair of God to do this, considering the fact that the Ark was the most sacred item amongst the Jews and that Uzzah was only trying to protect it.

However, while God knew Uzzah’s heart, God requires obedience and not just good intentions.God said that no one could touch the Ark of the Covenant under ANY conditions. His commands are never circumstantial.

Think about Adam and Eve. I’m sure their intentions were not to curse the entire world when they ate the forbidden fruit. God knew their heart, but we are still reaping the consequences

from their mistake to this day. In an attempt to sweep our mistakes under the rug,“God knows my heart” has become one of the most overused excuses, wanting everyone, including God, to

overlook our errors.

While we continue to grow in God everyday, let’s strive for perfection and really put a smile on our Savior’s face. Remember, He knows your heart...

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